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Bio-Circle Clean Box

The new Bio-Circle™ Clean Box - the perfect solution for small parts cleaning in limited space!

At the beginning of the month, we attended the International Bio-Circle™ Distributor Conference. 75 people attended from 20 different countries around the world to see the latest cleaning systems and liquids being manufactured by Bio-Circle™.

The Bio-Circle™Clean Box is one of these new exciting new products! Small and mobile, it can offer safe and economic cleaning for small parts without taking up a lot of space. It can also be used as a dipping tank to soak dirty products in cleaning solution before washing or as a clean rinse tank after cleaning.

Ideal for the VOC-free water-based cleaner CB 100, VOC-free GS 200 cleaner, Bio-Rust Remover, Omni water displacement cleaner and many more user-friendly cleaning solutions.

Updated: Tuesday 12th March 2013

See the videos of the new Bio-Circle™ Clean Box and Turbo HP Parts Washers in action!

Following the launch of these two new products last month, Bio-Circle™ have produced two short, informative videos to show you the features and how best to use the products.

Watch the Bio-Circle™ Clean Box video now!

Watch the Bio-Circle™ Turbo HP Parts Washer video now!

Updated: Tuesday 9th April 2013

The success story of GS 200!

The new GS 200 cleaner has now been awarded the NSF (Nonfood Compounds Program Listed) certificate, opening the door to use in the food industry!

The GS 200 has been thoroughly tested as an alternative to replace solvent-based cleaners and has proven to be the best solution! As an example, where acetone was used as a cleaning agent to remove glue and epoxy resin from tools and parts, GS 200 was found to be safer and more effective. GS 200 provides a powerful cleaning performance in a reduced soaking time and the volume of GS 200 liquid consumed is less than other cleaning agents, making the GS 200 a competitive alternative to the low-cost acetone and other solvent-based cleaners!

Updated: Wednesday 14th November 2012

Come and meet us at:

Health & Safety Show (North) 12th & 13th October in Bolton, Lancashire http://www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk/home

Advanced Engineering Show 2nd & 3rd November at the NEC Birmingham


At the these show’s we will be showing you how to slash your VOC’s usage in removing oil and grease contaminations from engineering parts and wet paint from paint spray equipment systems.

See the revolutionary Bio-Circle Prolaq Compact cleaner, this new way to clean paint equipment is using intuitive cleaning solutions for both water or solvent based paints & inks.

The interest in the product already has been amazing as many customers commented that paint equipment cleaning technology has not changed over the years unlike the constant changes in paints that they use.

The Prolaq L cleaners are a non-hazardous solvent and water based paint and ink cleaner, the PROLAQ L cleaners impress with their incredibly strong cleaning performance. The safe, eco-compatible cleaners remove wet & non cured paints, varnishes and printing inks. When cleaning, PROLAQ L provides a far safer alternative to cellulose thinners or acetone based cleaning solvents.

No unpleasant odours and fumes, no fire hazard, no environmental hazard.

These VOC reduced cleaners provide added employee personnel protection and occupational Health and Safety benefits. The powerful PROLAQ L cleaners are just as efficient as conventional cleaners. They have been tested with solvent as well as with water-based paints. In addition, they are reusable making them very cost effective, Praxis analysis show that this cleaner can be reused five to ten times compared to a solvent based cleaner.

To get the maximum performance from the new Prolaq L cleaners, Bio-Chem have developed the Prolaq Compact a pneumatic paint equipment cleaning machine that is designed to use the Prolaq cleaners to their maximum. Unlike other paint equipment cleaning machines the Prolaq Compact holds up to sixty litres of Prolaq cleaner and with the 5-10 times re-usable service life you no longer have the need weekly or monthly solvent changes. Annual operating costs are thus reduced.

Download our new Bio-ChemProlaq catalogue and if you would like further information or would like to discuss becoming a Bio-Circle Prolaq distributor,

call us today.

Updated: Friday 30th September 2016