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Bio-Circle™ Clean Box
Part code: H00040
Part code: H00041 (with trolley)

Ideal for mobile parts cleaning, degreasing, derusting, soaking and pre-cleaning using Bio-Chem cleaning products.  

Includes the immersion box, immersion basket and lid (trolley optional):

Soiled parts are placed in the basket and immersed in the cleaning agent. After soaking, the basket can be lifted using the handles and rotated 180° to rest over the box. The cleaning agent drains back into the Clean Box and can be reused - clean and economic handling.

The lid prevents soiling of the immersion box during cleaning or in storage. Clean boxes can be stacked for easy storage.

The Clean Box Mobile (part code: H00041) includes a trolley to allow the Clean Box to be easily moved to your required location.

The Clean Box and trolley is made from HDPE and the assembly material is non-corrosive. When used with NSF-certified Bio-Chem products (e.g. Bio-Rust, GS 200), the Clean Box is suitable for use in the food industry.

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The optimal Bio-Chem cleaning products for use in this Clean Box are:

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