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Part code: A00192 (1 litre)
Part code: A00592 (5 litres)
Part code: A01092 (10 litres)

The new water-based E-NOX-I is an ultra-strong cleaner for stainless steel and other surfaces. It cleans heavily-weathered and corroded surfaces and removes mineral sediments (e.g. limescale), cement and incrustations to restore the original look. It allows the protective passive layer of the stainless steel or metal to build up again. Ultra-fine abrasive materials guarantee thorough cleaning without visibly damaging the surface.

Universally applicable - also cleans aluminium, copper, enamel, synthetics, acid-resistant clinker bricks and other acid-resistant surfaces.

Has a triple effect - biodegradable surfactants, strong mineral acid and ultra-fine abrasives, which guarantee a high cleaning performance.

Free from nitric and hydrochloric acid and is non-flammable.

E-NOX-I can be rinsed off without leaving any residue, making it suitable for applications in the foodstuffs industry (Article 31 LFGB [German Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods and Feedstuff Law]).

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