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Uno Bio General Purpose
Part code: A50001 (500ml)
Part code: A01001 (10 litres)
Part code: A03001 (30 litres)

Uno Bio General Purpose Cleaner is a phosphate- and VOC-free cleaner and degreaser, which can be applied manually or mechanically. It is highly concentrated and can be diluted with water to 1:40.

Effective at removing oil, grease and protein residues (flyspeck, blood etc.) from metal, wood, plastic, ceramics and many other surfaces. Do not use the concentrated cleaner on aluminium or zinc coatings.

Uno Bio General Purpose Cleaner has detergent surfactants which reduce surface tension and dissolve the residues from the surface. As there are no stable emulsions formed, greases and oils go to the surface of the rinsing solution where they can be removed. The rinsing solution remains powerful and active for a long period of time.

Fields of use:

Heating to 90°C greatly increases the cleaning performance.

Compatible with plate separators and tested in accordance with ÖNORM B5105 (Wastewater behaviour of aqueous surfactant-based cleaning agents).

Surfactants are biodegradable and this cleaning agent is not subject to mandatory labelling in accordance with EU Directives.

Not subject to the VOC-regulation.

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