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UM 80W

A manual, water-based, single spray gun cleaner.

At the touch of a button, high pressure water is sprayed inside the spray gun to clean the paint passageways in under 30 seconds. The flow-through brush allows you to remove paint from the outside of the spray gun. An air blow gun dries your spray gun and clean paint passageways are confirmed by a spray out.

Includes a clean water pail, cap brush and whip line.

The UM 80W is a compact wall mount unit with an optional stand for a free-standing installation. It can be used inside the spray booth.

Includes AQUA-KLEEN PGC for enhanced cleaning.

Recovered clean water may be disposed of or reused to minimise water consumption.

Available to buy or lease.

Service package available to suit your working requirements, based on your workloads.

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