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UG 4000E

Automatic and manual two-gun cleaner.

The UG 4000E is a stainless steel, solvent-based cleaner that offers you both automatic and manual cleaning for two spray guns or paint containers.

Timed, automatic wash cycle: solvent wash (from 14 pressurised nozzle sprays), air rinse, 100cc clean solvent rinse, air rinse.

Manual cleaning - flow-through brush and a foot pedal to activate solvent flow.

Also has a soak facility.

Tank dimensions: 400x305x356mm.

Has a built-in venting system for automatic fume extraction and a lid safety switch to prevent operation when the lid is open.

Wash solvent can be reused until dirty.

The UG 4000E is ready to connect to a Uniram Solvent Recycler to allow solvent to be transferred internally between the two units, which protects the operator from exposure to the solvents.

CE and ATEX certified.

Available to buy or lease.

Service package available to suit your working requirements, based on your workloads.

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