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The Pipe and Heat Exchanger Cleaner has a cleaning liquid capacity of 80 litres and is 720 x 1200 x 940 mm in size. A drain in the tank allows easy emptying of the cleaning liquid.

The cleaner is mounted on a trolley for easy manoeuvring and can be taken directly to your required location.  

Electrically operated (400/50/3) and has an internal heating system to heat the cleaning liquid up to 90°C (factory-set to an optimal 60°C).

A high flow of 2.5m³/h provides a constant circulation of cleaning liquid through the pipe and heat exchanger system. After cleaning, the cleaning liquid is replaced with water to flush out the system before use.

Available to buy or lease or hire the machine with an engineer for the day.

Service package to suit your working requirements, based on your workload.

To buy, lease or hire now,

To see Pipe and Heat Exchanger
Cleaners in action,
Available for a free demonstration! please contact us! watch the video!
Pipe and Heat Exchanger
(German version only, English version
coming soon!)