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Power Cleaner 200
Part code: A50010 (500ml)
Part code: A01010 (10 litres)
Part code: A03010 (30 litres)

Power Cleaner 200 is a water-based, intensive cleaner, that is highly concentrated (can be diluted with water to 1:40).

It is a powerful cleaner, able to remove even very strong limescale residue, rust stains and beer scale. It can also remove cement residues, urine scale, brass and copper tarnishing, oil-, grease- and protein residue, water stains and mould and reduces germs whilst disinfecting surfaces.

Can be used on:

Not suitable for marble or limestone.

Can be heated to a maximum of 90°C.

Phosphate and hydrochloric acid free.

Surfactants are biodegradable and the container is not subject to mandatory labelling in accordance with EU Directives.

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