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Bio-Circle™ Maxi Blue Parts Washer
Part code: G60040

Solvent-free cleaning at ambient temperature!

Large parts washer - basin size 880x580mm, load capacity to 220kg and a cleaning liquid capacity of 100 litres. Has plenty of space to perfectly clean even cumbersome parts and has a brush on a long hose.

This CleanBlue parts washer provides a high performance clean even at ambient temperatures, making it resource-efficient and sustainable.

Easy servicing and maintenance - hinged upper section with a pneumatic spring.

Easy operation - push-button on/off switch to control the liquid pump.

An optional lid is available to prevent contamination of the liquid.

For the best cleaning results, use Bio-Circle™ Liquid Blue, which have been specially designed to be used in this parts washer.

Available to buy or lease, extended warranties available as part of a service contract.

Service package to suit your working requirements, based on your workloads.

To buy or lease now or for further information,

Available for a free demonstration! please contact us!