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The Lavapen AP 50 is a parts washer suitable for small and medium sized mechanical parts. The internal gloves allow for manual cleaning within the enclosed cabinet under high pressure that can reach up to 80 bar pressure. Effectively an enclosed industrial power washer to remove difficult and heavy contaminations quickly.

Parts are cleaning using a high pressure pump and a special spray nozzle that can be hand held or locked above the working area allowing the part to be turned using both hands. Cleaned parts can be dried using a compressed air gun, which also extracts the vapours produced in the cleaning chamber.

The Lavapen AP 50 uses environmentally-friendly, VOC-free Bio-Chem cleaning agents: Bio-Circle Liquids, CB 100, GS 200, Star and Alu-star.

Model features:

Service interval is dependent on usage.

Lavapen AP 50

LP3 AP 50

LP 4 AP 50

Closed machine dimensions (w*d*h) (mm)

120 x 85 x 170

145 x 95 x 180

Open machine dimesions (w*d*h) (mm)

120 x 120 x 185

145 x 110 x 180

Washing capacity (w*d*h) (mm)

95 x 70 x 55

120 x 8 x 55

Load capacity (kg)



Washing tank capacity (litres)



Washing pump (electrical model) (kW - bar - litre/min)

1.87- 80 - 15

1.87 - 80 - 15

Washing heating (electric model) (kW)



Supply (electric model) (V)



Supply (pneumatic model)

Compressed air 6 bar

Compressed air 6 bar

Compressed air consumption (electric model) (litre/min - m³/h)

10 - 0.6

10 - 0.6

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