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Lavapen LP2

The Lavapen LP2 is a parts washer suitable for small and medium sized mechanical parts. The internal gloves allow for manual cleaning.

Parts are cleaning using a high pressure pump and a special spray nozzle. A cleaning brush can quickly replace the special spray nozzle when required, due to the easy attachments.

Cleaned parts can be dried using a compressed air gun, which also extracts the vapours produced in the cleaning chamber.

The Lavapen uses environmentally-friendly, VOC-free Bio-Chem cleaning agents: Bio-Circle Liquids, CB 100, GS 200, Star and Alu-star.

Model features:

Service interval is dependent on usage.


Closed machine dimensions (w*d*h) (mm)


Open machine dimesions (w*d*h) (mm)


Washing capacity (w*d*h) (mm)


Basket load capacity (kg)


Washing tank capacity (litres)


Washing pump (electrical model) (kW - bar - litre/min)

1.5 - 8.0 - 10

Washing pump (pneumatic model) (bar - litre/min)

5.0 - 2

Washing heating (electric model) (kW)


Supply (electric model) (V)


Supply (pneumatic model)

Compressed air 6 bar

Compressed air consumption (electric model) (litre/min - m³/h)

10 - 0.6

Compressed air consumption (pneumatic model) (litre/min - m³/h)

20 - 1.2

Power supply (V)


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