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FT 200
Part code: A50057-98 (500ml)
Part code: A01057-98 (10 litres)
Part code: A03057-98 (30 litres)

FT (final touch) 200 is a phosphate-free, fast drying cleaning agent (dries faster than conventional water-based cleaners) for cleaning and degreasing prior to varnishing with conventional or water-based varnishes or powder coatings. It removes residues caused by processing oils, anti-corrosion oils and light waxes that negatively affect paint adhesion.

Fields of use:

Ready for use - just spray on and wipe off.

FT 200 contains corrosion inhibitors that guarantee temporary corrosion protection. Surfactants within the cleaning agent comply with the detergents regulation regarding biodegradability.

VOC-reduced - VOC content under 20%, so it is not subject to the VOC regulation (31st BlmSchV [Germany: 31st Federal Emission Control Regulation]). It is also not subject to mandatory labelling in accordance with the EU Directive.

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