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CB 100 Alu
Part code: A50049 (500ml)
Part code: A01049 (10 litres)
Part code: A03049 (30 litres)

The new Bio-Chem CB 100 Alu is a water-based cleaner with a pleasant scent and is based on renewable raw materials from recycled coconut by-products. These natural ingredients give the cleaner its excellent dissolving power, removing strong contaminants such as rubber marks and residues, bitumen and wax residues, grease, oil carbon, soot, anti-rust waxes, sealing compounds and adhesives and cracking. CB 100 Alu is material-conserving, preventing damage to surfaces and restoring the original.

Special features:

Environmentally- and user-friendly - VOC-free and virtually residue-free.

Easy to use - simply spray on or apply manually and wipe clean with a cloth.

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